Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rise and Shine!

Thursday morning I was awakened by little ones helping a not-quite-as-little one quietly bring this into our bedroom. (I thoughtfully remembered to call for the camera before I devoured it all.)

"For me?!" I whispered in an exclaimy kind of way so as not to awaken the curly head nestled close by. The grins told me it most certainly was. The little grins and excited whispers stayed to watch me. The bigger one ran back and forth down the long hallway to alternate making crepes with changing the baby's diaper so I could enjoy the feast.

"What is this feast?" you may be wondering. Well, my favorite mug is filled with coffee and resting on the red coaster my kindergartner just finished making this week. The practically-gone stuff is a blueberry and cream cheese filled crepe. The other plate holds a crepe wrapped around a slice of ham with an egg baked into the top of it. I don't really know the actual name since it was all my husband's doing, but it was quite yummy.  Or the one that I ate was yummy; I was too stuffed to eat this one, too.

The next question on your lips is most likely, "What was the occasion?" The obvious answer is that it was my niece's birthday. At least, that's the only thing I could figure out that was special about the day, but I don't think anybody else in the house knew that. So I'm not certain why they did it, but I sure was surprised and happy that they did.  Thank you, family.