Monday, January 28, 2019

Puzzle Sale

I've been running a sale on vintage puzzles (15% off) on my Etsy shop, Sideling View Crafts, for January. I forgot to mention it on this neglected blog, but no more. At least there are a couple of days left, if you are interested.

I've been surprised that not only avid puzzlers are interested in buying our puzzles. We've also had artists (interested in altered art and photography) and people interested in artists who have bought puzzles.

Here is a screenshot that shows some of the puzzles we have.

Yes, my son had to teach me how to do a screenshot.

Anyway, if you like puzzles or vintage or know anybody who is or any combination of the those, check it out or pass it on.

We've had a little snow lately, so we've been feeding the birds and enjoying their antics.

At first, after we put out our feeders and before it snowed, the only birds we saw were goldfinches. We could see some woodpeckers out in the woods, but only the finches were at the feeder. Then there was a bird that looked like a finch but with a red head. What was it? After much argument, we settled on a house finch.

Then came the snow and the tufted titmice, red-bellied woodpeckers, black-capped chickadees, and nuthatches. Juncos (two of which died after a run-in with our double glass doors) and our guineas enjoyed whatever dropped to the ground. And then came the blue jays and bright red cardinals (with their not-so-bright brownish ladies).

My favorite feeder-- made by our dear friend, Lance

Our birdwatching goes beyond the feeders and into the woods and on our roof. My eldest spotted a bluebird on our roof! Several weeks ago, we watched turkeys meandering through the yard and woods. And we've seen turkey vultures and hawks, too. 

This was taken in October, but it is a turkey vulture on our roof.

It's been quite the education and entertainment for us the past several weeks. Meals and lessons are interrupted as our attention is diverted away from the table. Now that we have our addition, we have two angles-- one from the dining room and one from the living room. 

What birds have you enjoyed this winter?