Thursday, April 24, 2014

To Err is Human

Grammar and spelling mistakes in formal writing bug me. If somebody is going to put something out there, some writing that is supposedly well-polished, it should conform to our language's conventions, right? 

Well, yesterday I eagerly opened up the newspaper to see if another column was published. It was, and although I'd already read it about 40 times over because it needed a ton of revision, I read it again. 

And then I spotted it. A grammar error. Right in the first paragraph. 

Cringe. Sigh. Repeat. 

Yes, repeat. I know I'll probably do it again. Even on this blog, an outlet I consider less formal, I've probably already made tons of mistakes I didn't intend. 

So on I'll continue, perhaps a little more careful about editing and definitely less likely to criticize when I read somebody else's mistake.


  1. I was afraid you were going to talk about the letter I wrote to William. Jakob read it before I sent it and had some criticism!

  2. While I would love to go find that letter and see if your little boy was right, I can't because my little boy has already put in his special box. Also, remind him that it is not formal writing, but is instead a simple letter to a beloved nephew (who also enjoys pointing out his mother's mistakes).