Sunday, September 21, 2014

10 Things To Do Instead of Blogging

1.  Take care of these ugly/highly entertaining creatures:

The guineas are finally outside. We successfully moved them to the new coop, and just this week we are transitioning them to being outside of the coop during the day so they can eat lots of ticks.

2.  Enjoy lots of company.

3.  Finally get to the eye doctor for the first time in a couple of years.

My oldest was squinting, so that motivated me to call for appointments. I'll be getting new pink glasses, and my son picked out a nice steel blue frame for his first pair of glasses. He plans on using his own $5.30 to buy a fancier case to keep his in.

4.  Get ready for and celebrate our fall birthdays. We have three in a row.

5.  Forget to play tooth-fairy when your son loses his very first baby tooth. When you wake up and remember, sneak in and do the switcheroo and then ask your son if he's sure he looked everywhere. When he says that his tooth was still there, suggest that he look again just in case the tooth fairy was running late.

I don't know about your experiences with Ms. Tooth Fairy, but that little thief has been late three times this year at our house!

6.  Go to the dermatologist to have a mole removed from your hand. Once you're home, make sure to accidentally rip the stitch out. Muffle your scream of agony so the children aren't quite as worried.

7. Enjoy watching your son play soccer in a league for the first time. Enjoy even more watching his siblings cheer him on.

8.  Pick lots of tomatoes and green beans. Can them. Like about a hundred quarts. Just because you can, buy a bushel of Concord grapes and can juice and jelly. Lots of it.

Because I was just not totally honest with you, allow me to disclose the full truth. I was helped in the harvesting by my children and husband. Because I am busy frequently with little ones, my husband and I work on the canning together. Really, he does most of the work. And the grapes weren't my idea. My husband ordered them, and I'm glad he did. The kitchen smelled so good, and now we have lots of pretty little jars.

9.  Go to one of your best friend's wedding. It was simple and beautiful. People should do weddings like hers more often.

10. Start back in on homeschooling, this year with 4 students instead of 3. Stay up late at night (after all children are in bed) to grade and plan. Then, during the day, fill every spare minute with trying to help your beloved students cram in each nugget of knowledge you want them to learn.

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