Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Massacre 2016

Happy Easter!  We truly enjoyed a beautiful day with family--both church family and born-to family.

I celebrated my favorite holiday. I belted out Alleluia till my throat hurt.

I traveled (sans vomit via carsick toddler--both ways!) to my aunt and uncle's home and surprised my parents.

I stuffed my gut with delicious food.

I heard my sons tell their tales about hiking/climbing half way up the mountain ridge behind my aunt's house. Let me tell you, they were good tales with cliffs, streams rivers stepped in forded, and like 25 dead trees knocked down.

Good, good stuff.

Until we returned home.

My husband accidentally knocked down a shelf while carrying in a huge amount of Easter dinner leftovers and trying not to spill them.

Heads rolled.

Parents wept over their babies.

Mothers held tightly to their children.

A full view of the destruction.

And the most disturbing view.

It happens. He was more upset about ruining my collection than I was. I was just glad he wasn't hurt because the carnage was pretty brutal.

The poor children were upset because each one of their births was commemorated by the purchase of a figurine. I just tried to reassure them that it's not the stuff that made their births special, but the other way around!

It should be fun to try to glue them back together. Maybe if I have time later I can post a before/after photo.

Until then, Happy Easter!


  1. You wouldn't think those are as breakable as they are. We had to replace a couple when we lived in MN. When we moved here we put them in our master bathroom. So far we haven't had to replace any since we moved here. :)

    1. I'm just surprised it didn't happen sooner, really. And at the hands of a child.

      Which ones do you have?