Sunday, February 16, 2014

Eat Your Heart Out

My husband suggested we have a tea party with the children for Valentine's Day. He even found the recipe online for these Ginger Honey Scones.  They were delicious, but the next time I make them, I'll add an extra half teaspoon of ginger so its flavor stands out more.

Also on the V-Day menu were little heart-shaped cucumber sandwiches, little chicken salad sandwiches,  little cranberry tartlets, normal-sized poppyseed cookies, and a grain-free "throw whatever you've got in it" sort of creation rolled in the shape of balls.

My husband, fond of little surprises and warned before the big day NOT to give me a gift under any circumstances because I didn't have one for him, of course presented me with the perfect gift for our celebration--a sampler of decaffeinated teas. That was the reason he suggested the tea part in the first place!


  1. Oh man, a tea party for Valentine's Day sounds so perfect, and those cookies look delicious!! Sounds like you all enjoyed it :)

    1. Cool! My first comment :) Thanks, Whitney. You'll have to come over for a tea party some time.