Sunday, October 19, 2014

Three Cakes

We just survived another birthday season here at our home. Three boys, three parties, and three birthday cakes. I do enjoy a good birthday cake, and while I get stressed out sometimes about the making of the cake, I get a kick out of making them.

That being said, not all birthday cakes are created equal. This beauty was a pumpkin bundt cake with some simple fall decorations for my new one-year-old. Not only did he chow down on it (after we showed him that it was supposed to be eaten), but he also wasn't smeared up so much that he needed a bath before opening presents. Please note that the final version showcased a hollowed-out-pumpkin-candy candle holder for our one candle.

Our next cake wasn't quite as perfect as the one above. The birthday boy played soccer this fall and wanted a soccer-themed cake. He requested the same teddy graham-ballfield concept that he had last year for his football field cake.  This cake had a few rough edges, but overall, it wasn't too bad. The boy was pleased even if a few party guests didn't eat it because they don't like chocolate cake.

Now the next cake I was truly excited to make. My almost 9-year-old son had requested a black forest cake. I'd seen them before, but as I hate canned cherry pie filling, I'd never partaken. I knew there had to be a better way to go than with cherry pie filling, so I searched the internet for recipes. It's surprising how many completely different recipes claim to be the only way to make authentic black forest cake. I selected a few to be my guide.

I ended up with this monstrosity.

Yep. You saw that right. I had cherries sliding everywhere, even with a frosting dam piped around the top. And have you ever seen those television cake decorators pressing sprinkles, crumbs or whatever onto the sides of a cake? Well, let's just say our chocolate shavings graced about every surface in the kitchen by the time I was through with them.

And just in case you didn't get enough of that first picture, here's one just after the candles were removed.

Painful, isn't it? My son was a good sport about it, though. I was proud. He wasn't even very fond of the taste of the cake because it had whipped cream between the layers and under the chocolate shavings. I didn't even know he didn't like whipped cream. I, on the other hand, loved the chocolatey richness of the amazingly yummy cake. If, however, I make it again, it will be in the form of a trifle and look a lot prettier.

Note: I give you permission to bookmark this post for the purpose of making yourself feel better whenever you think you've failed in the kitchen, perhaps with something you'd wanted to share at a party or potluck. All you have to do is look at the black forest cake and say, "At least it wasn't THAT bad!"


Ewe said...

Sorry if you get this comment twice, I don't know why your blog erases my comments instead of posting them.
Whew, 3 in a row! My boys all have spring birthdays, but I don't do cakes like that. I'm impressed with the soccer cake since I don't do that. I don't think the last cake is that bad-I bet it tasted good which is what matters.
My 10 year old doesn't like whipped cream either-we often have to scrape it off of desserts at church or restaurants for him. We'll have to get our children together some time to see what else they have in common!

Jody said...

Does it always erase your comments? I don't really know how I can fix that, but I can check my settings. Things always seem to freeze up when I'm trying to leave a comment somewhere.

I would really love to get together sometime because I read about your sons and they seem so much like my own! (If you are ever headed to D. C. or Gettysburg or anywhere close by, we are reasonably close to lots of awesome field trip material.)

Anna@stuffedveggies said...

I love that last cake picture. I laughed so hard I cried! I can't make anything "pretty" myself, and that sure did cheer me up. Thanks for sharing : ) (I'll bet it tasted delicious!)

JES said...

Your #1 cake, the pumpkin cake was beautiful! Your #2 cake, the soccer one was so creative, and your #3 cake made me smile! :) I never could make a fancy cake so I appreciate you sharing your imperfections...

And hurray, you got the picture to go on the link up!! :) Have a lovely week and thank you for sharing at the Art of Home-Making Mondays.

Jody said...

I tend to be one who laughs at things that are total disasters, so I still laugh every time I look at the picture, too. And for a chocolate lover like me, it was delicious.

Jody said...

Thanks, JES. My mother bought a book for me that has lots of ideas for making cakes easily for kids. My children have a tendency to pore over it all year long, changing their minds every few months.
If you're interested, it's called _Birthday Cakes for Kids_. And if you look at the cover on Amazon, the castle on the lower left of the cover turned out almost as bad as the Black Forest Cake. At least it held together until the candles blew out :)

JES said...

Hello there! Thank you for sharing your pumpkin post on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! We have *featured* this post on our LINK UP LOVE column today. Have a lovely week and please join in again next Monday :)

Jody said...