Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Baby Quilt Time

Our youngest tot just turned one. It always comes as such a surprise, and I'm not sure why. Before that birthday, they're babies. Just regular old babies. Then it seems they hit that big birthday and all sorts of growing up happens, and they are a totally different kind of bigger baby.

That's what happened with my baby.

Oh, well. At least the "new" baby is still special and cute.  In some ways, he's even cooler because he's started doing all sorts of baby tricks.

One thing he's into now (if I put it down) is his new baby quilt that my aunt made for him and arrived last week.
I think it looks like the frogs are playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie.

Each time I have a baby, I look forward to the quilt. Every quilt is one-of-a-kind with their birth information recorded on the back. She even made one two for me--but that's a blog post all by itself. She is a great quilter, in my biased opinion. 


  1. That's an adorable pattern! I've never seen a frog quilt before. She definitely has some serious quilting skills!

    1. Yes, she does. So does her sister and (other/ not me) nieces and daughters. Once this weekend is past, I'll try to get around to taking some more pictures of our babies quilts.

      Or you could check out her blog on the left (Lucy's Quilts).

  2. Thank you Jody for the shout out! I can't be too great of a quilter if it takes me a year to get the quilt to you!

  3. Eh. . .when he was born, he didn't care. Then it was too warm for blankets. Now it's getting chilly and he notices things, so it's just right :)