Saturday, April 11, 2015

Eventually Easter

Easter didn't seem like Easter this year because we were all sick for at least a week. I didn't go to a single church service during Holy Week. Not even on Easter! It was a bummer.

We were even too sick to dye Easter eggs. There were no baskets of candy. Everybody was just too sick, so we decided to delay our home celebration of Easter--the baskets and eggs and dinner. 

Yesterday we were well enough to color the eggs.

This girl has patience!

My special egg resting on ratty old diaper rags.

It was a fun time, and today we will enjoy eating these eggs for breakfast. We'll find baskets with eggs and candy, and we'll eat our lamb feast. I'll not get back that missed Easter morning service, but at least we celebrate Easter at church for several weeks. Alleluia!

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