Monday, April 13, 2015

Foggy and (Guinea) Fowl

There was a morning last week that was sort of rainy. It tapered off to just foggy and misty.

Foggy and misty

Normally, we can only let out about half of the guinea fowl. Otherwise, the ones who are out of the enclosure wander off. Way off. Off of our property.

I was just certain on this foggy, misty morning that because of the dreariness of the day, I could let them all out, and they would stick around the coop.

I was wrong. Those birds wandered off. Way off. Off of our property.

This is where I found them pecking away at what I hope was nasty bugs, especially ticks. On this foggy, misty morning in this grove of trees, it was just so beautiful I had to take a picture.

Guineas in a grove of trees, pecking away

I shook my container of millet and called out, "Millet, millet!" That's how we attempt to lure them back to their home on our property.

"Hey, guys, we can get millet before bedtime! C'mon!"

So they slowly found their way back home where I promptly shut about half of them in their enclosure (half of 13 is a hard thing when working with live guinea fowl).

I pretended to be upset with them, but I was secretly happy because the morning was so beautiful. I wouldn't have had the chance to enjoy it so much if it weren't for those straying birds.

By the way, as I look at these pictures, I realize I didn't capture the beauty of the morning, the mist and fog and the moisture all gathered in the new, spring grass.  The air was so fresh and earthy, and it tickled my skin. I'm sorry; I wish you could have seen it.


  1. That does look beautiful! I'm always surprised how boring a camera can make things look when I take pictures of landscapes. The photos with your description made me feel like I was there!

  2. Well, thank you. I really need to learn how to use more than just the automatic function on our fancy camera. I even have the owner's manual on the shelf right next to the chair I crash in each evening, but I've simply not touched it.