Monday, August 24, 2015

What Happens When. . . ?

What happens when this toddler hand. . .

meets up with a few hot peppers in a produce basket that was left on the table?

When said toddler approached me in distress, I wasn't sure what happened. He wasn't crying, but he was whimpering a bit and holding his mouth. My first thought was that he'd somehow managed to find something poisonous. I rushed around looking and found this:

The antidote given was food and drink (milk). He appreciated this help and moved on to more appropriate and safe play.


  1. Oh, no! This totally could happen in my house. Every time I turn around I find something in my daughter's mouth (usually something that doesn't belong there...lint, paper, etc.). I have no doubt she'd bite right into a spicy pepper if she got her hands on one. :-)

    1. Yep. He's at that age. We also have to keep all doors to the outside locked at all times because he is an escape artist!
      Good luck with keeping your little one safe from herself; it's a full-time job in itself for sure.