Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Presents, recommended

Okay. I don't have a large blog following. I don't have any affiliate links (mostly because I don't have a large blog following). But if I did, I would totally link up to those American-made silicone-coated baking pans. You know, the ones with all the funny ridges.

I'd received a gift card to King Arthur flour once and bought a jelly roll pan with all its waves. Then I received a 9 by 13 inch one as a gift, and let me tell you, nothing sticks to that thing. No ruined cakes! Amazing. The only truly non-stick I've found. And it would seem they are not so chemically yucky as those other alleged non-sticks. (Tell me if you find out otherwise.) So, of course, I've been begging for more.

Especially the muffin tins. I like to make muffins, but I hate the waste of those buying those paper liners. BUT I hate scrubbing all those individual muffin cups if you don't use the liners. I tried silicone liners, but then I just had to wash those, too.

Well. No more.

For my birthday I received a new muffin tin, and for you viewing pleasure, I will present why I love it.

Muffins, ready to be removed

In the back, one of my old muffin tins, my best old one. In the front, my beautiful new muffin tin.

Now watch as my lovely assistant tips the new muffin tin.

Watch out below!

Would you look at that?  All I did was lightly grease the tins, and they just tumbled out. Easy peasy. No torn up muffins.

Check out that empty muffin pan!

Do you see any nasty crumbs on that empty pan? I didn't. It just took a quick dip in suds with a little swipe of the dish cloth to make it all clean. Ain't it a beauty?

And in comparison, here I am tipping the old muffin tin, greased exactly the same as the other.

These muffins are holding on for dear life!

It took some prying to get these out. It wasn't horrible, but one muffin did suffer extensive injuries. And then there was more elbow grease necessary to get the pan cleaned out.

So there you have it. Buy these new wavy pans. They are worth any extra money. Trust me. I'm not getting paid for this. But if you make these pans and you want to pay me, I'll gladly accept :)

And if you don't know the type I'm talking about, here they are on Amazon.


  1. Those muffins look beautiful!! I desperately need new, larger muffin tins. I would bake more muffins if they didn't stick so badly, as they are a great breakfast option for my large crew. Thanks for sharing what works!

    1. Muffins are a nice start to the day, especially if you make them the night before. Plus they are easy for younger kids to make. Of course, my 8 yo likes to make "not muffins"--simply put a double batch of muffins (enough for 24 muffins) into a 9 by 13 pan and cut them in squares.