Saturday, July 9, 2016

It's Summer 'Round Here

Summer around here means projects and gardens and a few extra things.

A big project 'round here has been painting and getting new carpet into the girls' room. While I don't have a picture of that yet, the walls are now a pretty pink and the light blue carpet is comfy to the feet. 

While my husband was getting ready to prep the walls, my oldest son cleverly noticed this:

Dr. Spackle and Mr. Hyde

Now on to the garden. I have many more pictures, but for now (because we only get free downloads and uploads before 8 a. m.), here's a picture of one of our season's experiments-- ground cherries. They're getting off to a slow start because we didn't start them inside. 

Ground cherries supposedly make good preserves.

The "few extra things" going on around here?  Basically guinea drama. Edgar's getting the snot pecked out of him. Fat Toe is sometimes getting the snot pecked out of him. We've been trying to keep them separate from the aggressors (Big Boss, Big Boss 2.0, and Little Pepper), but I'm thinking we need to cull some of the flock.

Especially because. . . 

EGGS! Not that we haven't had eggs before, but a hen finally decided to go broody in a safe spot. There are more than just a few eggs in there-- more than she can sit on by herself, so she's had helpers nearly constantly. There's about 30 or so in there. We'll see what happens, but if they hatch, it'll be this week or next by my figuring.

That's all for now because pancakes need to be flipped!


  1. Never heard of ground cherries before--sounds interesting!

    1. It's new to us, too. My son saw them in a seed catalog and asked if we could try them.