Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You Little Snake in the Grass

I awoke this morning to some high drama.

A scream! (from the boy returning from feeding the guineas upon seeing a snake in the garage)

A snake! (boy warns)

Let's get it! (from the other boys)

No! (from me in bed)

When I made it outside, this was the scene.

Hello, Mr. Ratsnake. Why are you in my garage?

Enter Ms. Ninja Cat

Black Snake vs. Black Cat?

Cat and snake struck at each other. Both left to regroup.

Exit snake.

Followed by the cat.

Face off, again.

Ninja strikes!

Enter reinforcement(s)?

That might be tasty. . .

. . . provided you do all the work. Yawn.

Ms. Cat is ready to strike again, confident in her approach. . .

. . . but the snake holds the field/lawn. 

The cats lose interest. Their kibble is waiting. Then it's time for bagels and cream cheese for the rest of us.

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