Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Little Late or Early?

I'm not sure if this post is a little late for Small Business Saturday or a little early for Cyber Monday, but here it is anyway.

My friend Sarah recently opened up an Etsy shop. It's called MountainMamaBySarah, and right now she's selling baby toys. She is such a talented lady, let me tell you. Earlier this year she threw a tea party birthday party for her daughter that was so perfect in every detail. I wish I had her skills! Anyway, if you need to buy a gift for a baby, consider her.

I also have a talented family who I've highlighted in another post.

Alas, at the time of the last post, I didn't realize my cousin (the one who dethroned me as the only little one in the family and who was darned cute doing it) also had an Etsy shop. Not only does she sing and do all sorts of music-y stuff (she's a music teacher), but she can make just about anything, and she makes it all well! Anyway, her shop, KTsQuilts, features quilts (especially cute ones for kids) and other things (like little zippered totes that would be cute and useful for kids). There's also a range in prices--from stocking stuffer types of gifts to the more expensive (but well-made) quilts. Please check out her shop.

There. That's my little unsolicited publicity for friends and family. Have fun shopping!

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