Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Talented Folks

I'm a big sucker for buying things from talented folks. I love buying from local artisans. I love, love, love Etsy. Homemade and hand-made are my favorites.

I'm even a bigger sucker for my family. I just love them.

I think I have many quite talented family members. Two of them have places online to buy stuff. While I don't buy stuff from them (because I have been lucky enough to receive many gifts from them and because I can't afford to buy some of the stuff), I know their stuff is great, amazing, and superb.

First is my dear Aunt Alicia. For several years she's posted at her blog, Lucy's Quilts (Lucy was her dog). She makes tons of beautiful quilts like this one.

Quilt for our most recent baby

Here's a close up picture

Anyway, if you like looking at pretty quilts, check out her blog. She has made tons. Probably literally. Recently she opened up an Etsy shop to sell a pattern for denim quilts she's had thousands of requests for (literally).  In the past she asked that those she gave the pattern to donate to either Relay for Life or Lutheran World Relief quilts, but now she plans to give most of the proceeds from her Etsy shop to her favorite charities.  

My Uncle Dave is talented, too. He's works with wood. He's really amazing. I meant to take a picture of the nativity puzzle he made for me when I was little that my children anticipate playing with each Advent, but I forgot and it's already packed away for the year. But you can check out his online store. Here is a sample of his work:  

I've sat in this, I'm pretty sure!

Pretty bowl. I don't have one of these.

If you are interested, I keep links to their stores on the top left side of this blog.

I have other talented folks in my family, too. I don't think they sell their stuff, but I did take a picture recently of a card my cousin (daughter of Aunt Alicia) sent to me. It made me feel very special to receive an original work of art. Thanks, Becky!

A picture for posterity, in case this finds its way into the toddler's hands for certain destruction.