Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Very Good Pi Day

Tuesday was a good day in our home. 

For starters--


We finally got some snow to enjoy. Our total (before it quit snowing) was somewhere between 8 and 10 inches. Yes, we like to do things properly and exactly around here. 

So the kids celebrated Pi Day by playing in the snow in the morning.

We also celebrated Pi Day by having circle waffles. Except they mostly broke apart into fourths. But, hey, we were able to fit them back into circles on our plates. And that counts. 

We also ate chowder in bowls which are circles on the top, and the kids' individual pizzas for supper were in a sort of circular shape. Again, I'm not really precise with everything.

But, by far, the very best thing about Pi Day was that we got to see pictures of and hear all about our new niece who was born Monday evening-- all healthy and cute. And that was the exact and precise thing I had prayed for. Well, not exactly. I only prayed for the healthy part; I assumed the cute part.

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