Thursday, March 2, 2017

Around Here

Around here life has been happening. Chores, school, and even some fun.

My eldest one day wanted to make breakfast for me. It was his "food helper" day, and he wanted to make pancakes. This was the "Good Morning Sunshine" pancake he produced for his family.

Blueberry pancakes with yellow maple whipped cream smiley face

Back in January I bought a pair of leather black boots for $10 at an outlet. I was pretty excited about the price, but the bonus was that my girls also have black boots. Last year we enjoyed a pink croc date, so the new boot situation seemed to call for a Black Boot Date. And that's what we did after church on Sunday. We went to Buddy Lou's, a new-to-me local restaurant. It was delicious with generous portions. I want to go back often, but I won't because it is a little on the upscale side for around here. But if I had lots of money, I'd willingly spend it because the food was really a step or two above average. The girls' mac and cheese was the best, and it was a kids' meal.

We let the black patent leather shoe come along, too, because she's a girl.

Next was a project on the to-do list for quite some time. The U. S. map that kept falling off the dining room wall because poster putty didn't work needed a solution. After more than half a year, this is our  (cheapest) solution.

Yard stick frame!

Kids are now free to learn U. S. geography at the dinner table again.

We took advantage of nice weather last Friday to get out and hike as far as 3-year-old legs can hike. My husband took us on some beautiful country roads up into Pennsylvania to a pretty place. I honestly can't remember for sure the name of the location. . . Buchanan State Forest? Dickey's Mountain area? The map said this:

I hope that helps you out if you want to go.

The kids liked crossing over Cove Creek on a bridge. There was lots of fishing happening. We even heard spring peepers. In February.

With mostly flat terrain, we didn't really see much other than some wet spots, the creek, vines, and trees. I did hear something scurry off into the underbrush, but I didn't catch a glimpse.

Vine grown around tree

Incidentally, we also learned that the baby also gets carsick on twisting roads. And she won't wear the SeaBands yet. Yay! If you're keeping count, that means four out of seven kids get carsick to some degree.

And we had a fat, fat Tuesday this week. Homemade apple fritters, doughnuts, and bacon for supper. Afterwards, I felt fat.

Fritters and doughnuts frying

I can't imagine why.

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