Saturday, May 27, 2017

Not Five on Not Friday

1. Hotroot Soup.  My boys love the Redwall book series. They quote the books ad nauseam. They beg me to make the food that the critters in the books eat. This last week, I gave in. You can read about our efforts here.

Hotroot Soup

2. Handmade Gifts. Remember my daughter's birthday party last week? I finally got around to taking a picture of some of the gifts she received from my friend. I absolutely loved them, and what's most important, my daughter loved them, too. If you'd like to buy some other things my friend makes, you can check out her Etsy shop.

Doll with clothes (and Altoid box wardrobe)

Felted bag made from a wool sweater

3. Bear. We had a bear in the backyard. If you want to see more pictures, you can read my last post which I creatively titled "Bear!"


4. Lyme Disease.  Truthfully, I haven't checked to see if May is still Lyme Disease Prevention month. I just don't keep up on those types of things. However, after picking a few deer ticks off the kids this week, I figured I should post a link to one of my Lyme Disease rants. I don't want you or yours to suffer unnecessarily from Lyme, so arm yourself with information. If you search "Lyme" on the "Search this blog" spot on the right, you'll come up with a few other related posts. I didn't realize I had so many, but I guess it's been a big deal for us.

5. Graduation. My "baby" nephew graduated from high school tonight. I wasn't there. 😢 But I am so proud of him anyway. Congratulations, Travis!

6.  Ascension. This week, Christians celebrated Christ's ascension into heaven. A dear neighbor, friend, and church member died on the day of the Ascension. We mourn her passing, but we are also thankful that her suffering is over. 


  1. My kids also love shrimp and hot root soup. We have that cookbook too.

    1. We didn't realize there was a cookbook until we started the whole thing. Now the boys want it.