Friday, January 12, 2018

Building Project Update-- Big News!

We had a few hiccups in the final lap of our building project. The Inspector said we needed a larger window in the bedroom for egress, so a special one had to be ordered. It came in during the cold, cold weather of last week, but this week was quite mild and perfect for tearing out the "old" window.

Making the opening just right

Newer and larger roll-out window (bad picture--sorry)

The window stuff happened on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday our favorite electrician helped us by moving our Dish cable through brick walls and crawlspace and into an outlet so I can now turn on cartoons to babysit to entertain the little ones while I prepare dinner on "difficult" days. 

Thursday we were on pins and needles waiting for The Inspector. When he came, it was quick and painless, and we were left with a new signature on the bright yellow sticker inside the gray electrical panel.


I did a little happy dance.

We have much work ahead of us still. We need to finish finding places for the things that we've moved about and move the two oldest boys into the new bedroom. Then we plan on moving everything out of the old boys' bedroom to paint the walls and clean the carpet. After that, we'll be moving things back into there for the other two boys (one of them is still sleeping in our room). 

The only other thing left (that I can think of) is the concrete pad for the patio out the back door, and that will have to wait for spring!


  1. Congrats! When the temp finally went back up into the 40s here, we all felt like we didn't even need coats.

    1. Looks like it's going to warm up again!

  2. Years ago, we did a huge remodel. I well remember the relief when something finally passed inspection! Congratulations:)

    1. I'm still relieved, but I do feel a little swamped with trying to figure out what goes where now :)