Monday, May 26, 2014

Three-Layer Yummy-- A Recipe For Kids

My son is a thinker. He thinks up all sorts of plans, ideas, and inventions. When it is his day as kitchen helper, he often thinks up elaborate ideas for snacks. These ideas are not remotely doable. However, while at my parents' house, he found my mother's stash of instant pudding, and this dessert was born.

Three-Layer Yummy

His creation requires: 
  • one box of banana pudding, prepared
  • some sliced bananas
  • one box of vanilla pudding, prepared
  • one box of chocolate pudding, prepared
  • graham crackers, crumbled
  • chocolate chips
Notice how there are no sizes or exact amounts? Well, that's what makes this dessert perfect for kids to make. Just layer it in a dish the way the child dictates. Seriously. Something like this just can't go wrong. But for those of you who need a little more direction, slice bananas in the bottom of a big bowl. Then spread the banana pudding over the bananas. Then crumble up some graham crackers in a layer over the pudding. Next spread a layer of vanilla pudding followed by more graham crackers. Then comes the chocolate pudding and another layer of graham crackers. Top it all off with some chocolate chips. 

My son notes that you can use just about whatever pudding you want and put it together however you want--just don't use pistachio pudding!

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