Saturday, June 21, 2014

And Then There Were Fifteen

I'm sorry to announce that we lost one of the guinea keets last week. Okay, it wasn't actually lost, but my son found it dead, apparently drowned in its drinking water.

We also have one injured and/or deformed keet. We're making the extremely uneducated (other than what we found online) guess that it is spraddle-legged. We used a band-aid to keep the legs together a bit, and it seems to have helped the little one stay on his feet and not be overly trampled by the others. We're not terribly optimistic about his chances since one foot looks like its turned funny and he's, by far, the smallest of the flock.

All the little fluffy things are now less fluffy. Their wings are sprouting feathers already! You'd think I would've learned by the whole robin saga that birds grow up quickly.

Check out those new feathers!

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