Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pretty Posies

My kitchen windowsill on any spring or summer day

Do you see that cute and tiny little vase on the right? That was a Mother's Day present to me a few years ago, and it is rarely empty. It came with a cute verse that made me cry, but I've since misplaced it. It conveyed the purpose for such a small vessel--for all those flowers/weeds plucked by tiny hands for Momma.

Is my windowsill unsightly with all of those dried out or decaying flowers? Nah. Despite daily fits or other upheavals including (but not limited to) sibling fighting, refusal to do chores, bedtime defiance, and general contrariness, there are moments when Mother is treasured and loved, when little (and not quite as little anymore) boys and girls find time to leave their play to bring me a bit of beauty.

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