Sunday, July 27, 2014

Remember These Guys?

These little fellers/ladies aren't so little anymore!

Out-growing the garage!

Our dear guinea keets will soon be moving out to their permanent coop. Well, as soon as it's finished, they'll be moving out there. That project has taken up every spare moment of my husband's time this summer. When it's all done, I'll post a picture of it, too.

I've learned several things from this bird experience so far. First, I don't mind the noise the guineas make. Second, while watching the funny little birds, don't accidentally walk into the fly tape hanging in the garage. Twice. Third, these birds are so dumb that they poop in their own water! Fourth, it takes a genius to keep inventing ways to keep them from pooping in their water. Fifth, I really, really hope they eat all the ticks because this is a lot of work.

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