Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Big Book Has Arrived

To those of you homeschooling out there, this picture needs no explanation.

But if you are left wondering about that gigantic book on the cluttered desk, that, my friend, is what I wait for each summer. Yes, I page through almost all of it. Oh, I could never read the whole thing (and really, who would want to?), but I do skim it each year.

This most magnificent work of art is the Rainbow Resource Catalog. It has everything a homeschooler could want, plus everything is reviewed. It grows and grows. It is now at 1,360 pages. Massive, eh?

If I'm not careful, it can be quite dangerous, but I'm not talking about the damage that could be done if I threw it at somebody or something. It sets me to dreaming, dreaming that I need way more than I do to adequately teach my children. It makes me wonder if my curriculum is "the best" for my children. It sometimes can induce a bad case of Greener-Grass Syndrome.

However, if I'm careful, I can find good deals on things I already had on my shopping list. I can read another opinion about a product I'd been considering. I can find ideas for activities I'd like to do for school. It is a great resource.

If you homeschool and haven't ever seen this, order one (for free) at  If you don't homeschool, you should check it out anyway because they have an awesome Christmas catalog full of cool educational and fun toys. Of course, they also have an online catalog, but that isn't any good when you need something for the little ones to sit on when it's time for haircuts.

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