Thursday, January 29, 2015

Done With Winter

I know I have absolutely no control over the weather, but I don't want any more winter.

I've experienced the things I like about winter-- hot chocolate, Christmas, watching the kids play in the snow, cuddling under my wool blanket, seeing the pretty ice on Sideling Hill, and I think that's where my list ends.

These are the reasons I can't wait for spring.

Cold. I don't like being cold. In the morning, I  take care of the guineas, and it's just too cold for me. The guineas don't like the snow either, and I miss watching them run around like crazy.

I feel cooped up. The children are cooped up. When they play outside, they don't stay out for long.

I'm ready for green things poking up.

And most of all, in spring I hope this horrible-wonderful first trimester nausea is through with me. Around the same time spring pops out, my stomach should be tired of being the dictator of my life for a while. Sunflower seeds and lemon seltzer water won't need to be my near-constant companions, and I'll be able to go into a grocery without fear.


  1. I'm with you! I used to love winter, but I'm over it!

    Sorry to hear you're having problems with nausea (did I miss your pregnancy announcement? Congratulations!)(I avoided food for a good half of my pregnancy, once it passed I felt like a super hero! Hopefully you'll be feeling super for spring.)

  2. I suppose this post was my announcement :)

    I'm hoping I'll be okay, too. My first 5 babies had me sick just in the first trimester. My 6th had me about 2-3 weeks longer. I'm hoping this time is a shorter one. Of course, I'm glad I have some sickness, because the two times I didn't, I miscarried.