Saturday, January 24, 2015

Daddy's Pride and Joy

Last week, my husband received the much-anticipated box.

The box. 

Inside was a true work of art, a hand-forged masterpiece. A camp axe from this place in Ohio.

Ain't it purty?

It's also, when hefted in hand, obviously well-made. I know my husband can't wait to use it in when we go camping.

You may also notice the razor-sharp edge, and you know we have lots of little ones running about. It must be dangerous, right?  Well, of course it is, IF we let the kids near it. 

But even if they somehow came close to it, they would have to open this handy thingy before being exposed to the possibility of cutting off their fingers or nose.


It feels good to buy something that's a thing of beauty, well-made in America, and totally functional.


  1. Hand forged, cool! I'm not even sure we have an axe for camping.... Man we're city folk.

    1. Well, we've lived this long without one, and it always seems we don't go camping as often as we want to, but I'm sure it will come in handy sometime. Or I will make sure it gets used because it just looks so cool. I think it would make me feel like a pioneer or something.