Saturday, January 17, 2015

Of Teddy Bear Counters and Girls

Prior to this year, I'd gone through our math program (Saxon) for kindergarten three times with my boys. Many of the lessons go through making up story problems with cute teddy bear counters. My boys didn't mind them so much. They basically made up the expected stories of bears jumping in the pool or getting off the bus as scripted, even if they enjoyed making them long, long, long run-on story problems.

Then this year, my first girl started kindergarten, and the teddy bears are doing all sorts of new things. 

"Kum bah yah, my Lord, kum bah yah!"

Above you will notice the teddy bears' campfire ring. They were singing and roasting marshmallows. I don't know what the one in the middle is doing. I'm not sure if I want to know.

At other times, there have been mothers and babies involved.

I think this is a girl thing. It's been exciting. After so many times through, anything to change up the Saxon script is welcome.

Unless that little green fella is getting roasted; that might be a little disturbing.


  1. In high school my chemistry teacher did a gummy bear sacrifice. He was an interesting teacher.

    I don't remember teddy bears in my math classes, your home schooling sounds like so much more fun!

  2. Funny. My high school chemistry teacher played with mercury in the Navy. He did the same experiment over and over and over. It didn't help the guys always asked him about what happened if there was hydrogen in a balloon and it got near something hot. "Have I ever showed that one to you?" he'd ask. "No, never," they'd reply, and he'd do it again.

    Really, my homeschooling isn't what I want it to be, but the kids keep plugging along. It really helps that they love reading.