Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Birthday Season

It's that time of year again; time to post pictures of birthday cakes.

Happy 1st birthday!

A breakfast birthday requires muffins, of course. They were applesauce spice muffins with some cream cheese drizzle. The baby was about as impressed with them as she is with any food-- not very. The rest of us liked them though, and I was happy to start our birthday season off with a non-cake cake.

Later that day. . .

Garden birthday cake

The new 9-year-old had this cake designed (actually on paper) since we planted our garden. It is a rough diagram (missing a few things) of our own garden. Clockwise from the upper left hand corner: ground cherries; pumpkin patch complete with straw, vines, and deer poop; beans on a cattle panel trellis; popcorn; more pumpkin patch; and tomatoes. Even the deer poop was tasty. My son not only designed this cake, but he helped make it to his specifications, too; he was happy with the result.

Next up, an unadorned pumpkin pound cake.

Plain but perfect. . . 

. . . as an ice cream sundae topping!

Again, the new 11-year-old was extremely specific about his birthday "cake" desires. He wanted lots of toppings, and he was not disappointed-- even if we forgot to get the toppings out of the cupboard.

And finally, the newly-turned 3-year-old loves him some Paw Patrol, so that's what he got.

Chase is on the cake!

My husband helped me out with this one by buying the toy. Those toy cakes are so simple! The kiddo especially appreciated the extra dollar I spent on the themed plates. He was so cute with the whole birthday routine since he was well-rehearsed from his siblings' parties. 

And, I'm not sad to say, birthday cake season is over 'til spring, but apple dessert season is in full swing. . .


  1. Oh, Jody! I'm sitting here reading posts (I haven't in far too long!) and Caleb came to join me. The first thing his little eyes spy is the photo at the very top of this post. While I'm enjoying your pictures and getting hungry, he says, "Oh wow! Muffin on a stick! Man, that's cool!". It's amazing how two people can see the same thing so very differently!

    1. Too cute! Kids come up with some great ones. I loved talking to you today, despite all the hang-ups. :)