Thursday, February 5, 2015

It All Adds Up

This past summer we bought a lot of books at an auction. There were some keepers, but this one, a geometry book from 1909, just isn't one of them.  In an ideal world, I'd have enough space to hoard all of the neat old things we find, but we don't have that kind of room.

This book still held some fun. Like many old textbooks, the previous owner(s) wrote in the neat old-time script, and added a few non-math-y notes.

I love the script.

My favorite is "A NEW ARITHMETIC" pasted inside. I'd always assumed that way back when, people simply didn't know the dangers of smoking. I was proven wrong earlier when I read in our history studies about King James (I think) ranting on about the evils of tobacco. Then this little treasure shows that others in our country also had a clue.

Practical math--sorry if it's tough to read. I'm no photographer.

I am not one to tell others they can or can't smoke; I did enough begging my parents in my younger years to know you can't persuade somebody to stop smoking, not even with a cute little ditty like this. I just can't handle the smoke myself; after living in clouds of it in my growing up years with no problem, I am now nauseated every time I get a whiff. I'm just hoping my children won't start. Perhaps seeing their grandmother with COPD and all it's accompanying limitations will be enough to keep them from picking up the bad habit.


  1. I had to read every word. I think it adds up right. I'm allergic to smoke, so I appreciate the sentiment.

  2. I'm glad you could make it all out.

    It's kind of funny because smoking was something I grew up around, but my children stare at people when they see them smoking and ask me what those people are doing! It's a different world.

  3. I love old books too! And I didn't know they knew the evils of smoking back then either! Such treasures are found in old books.. Thanks for sharing your little find Jody :)

    1. You're welcome to it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I feel less guilty about getting rid of it since I've shared it.