Saturday, July 25, 2015

Two Library Books, Recommended

Last year on one of my book blogs I post a review of The Luck Uglies by Paul Durham.  Since my son and I read it last year, we've been waiting for the follow up. Here it is:

Book, recommended.
We were not disappointed. Rye's adventures continue and kept my interest. Not only that, but I was struck by the author's portrayal of family. In many books for younger people, the adults and parents, in particular, are a bunch of dummies the smarter kids barely tolerate. Not so with this book. Mr. Durham's characters respect their elders even if they don't always obey them entirely. I appreciate the characters' family values.

While Rye (the main character) does experience some confusion over which characters are good and evil, unlike many books for kids I've read recently, there is no question that good is good and bad is bad. I've become annoyed by kids' books that blur the distinction between the two, books that leave even me wondering.

This book's ending is satisfactory even while leading up to a sequel. Mr. Durham, we're looking forward, once again, to the next installment.

Now, for my children's favorite picture book so far this summer. . . ummm... well, it appears their favorite picture book has no pictures. What do you call a book like that?

The Book with No Pictures by B. J. Novak was a favorite read over and over and over and received by many giggles. Even after we've returned it to the library, the children are reciting parts of it and laughing.* Basically, the book "forces" the grown-up reading it to say some pretty silly things that make kids laugh. Hey, it's silly, but it is cute and funny.

Definitely I recommend it. Check it out from your library.

*It reminds me of another favorite from the library because most of my kids memorized a large chunk of it-- Gruffalo Crumble.

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