Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Change of Plans

Our motto for this summer could be, "There's been a change of plans." In fact, I'm about to the point where I don't want to make plans at all. Lists, yes. Plans, no.

We hadn't seen my parents in quite some time. Because my mother still isn't up to traveling after her bout of pneumonia, my father decided to come up for himself for a quick visit yesterday. He came bearing belated birthday gifts and a treat from Grammy--that chocolatey sweet Chex mix stuff.

His pick-up truck came bearing a load of mulch for our flower beds. My husband and the boys worked hard spreading it all out while the girls and I took a trip to the laundromat. (Washer's broken. . . something that certainly wasn't in the plans.)  Anyway, it certainly looks nice to have fresh mulch down.

My not-perfect, but certainly improved front flower bed.

My pretty sparkly rock and new mulch. (Unfortunately you can't see the sparkles because I'm not a great photographer.) 

The plan was that after lunch my husband and father would get a pick-up load of straw for our garden to keep down the weeds and hold in the moisture. While we've been doing pretty well on the moisture front so far this summer, the weeds are out-of-control, in part because we've been getting so much rain.

Change of plans. Once Dad stopped his pick-up, it just wouldn't start up again. After a few calls, this showed up in our driveway.

Catchy slogan.

Halfway there.

On it's way to the repair shop.

My girls cried for Poppa's truck. My boys were worried Poppa would wreck our car that we loaned him until his truck was fixed. But it's all good. The truck should be fixed sometime next week, and that means we get to see Poppa again soon. And that's one instance of a change of plans being good!


  1. The girls cried for Poppa's truck - that is funny stuff! Love those kids and let's just say the boys aren't that far off!!! :)

  2. Well, they were all mighty happy when Poppa returned to pick up his pick-up on Friday :) And we even got that truck-load of straw.