Thursday, October 15, 2015

Birthday Season

To prove I'll never be a big-name blogger, I submit these three birthday cakes I made/helped make this last month.

Do you feel the force?

Well, the first birthday boy wanted a Star Wars cake, and I have this pan that looks like some sort of rocket/space plane thing that I bought at a yard sale. I didn't really know how to make something that looked like a Star Wars cake and I certainly don't think it actually looks like anything Star Wars-ish, so let's just say I'm glad my child has imagination because he was happy with it.

Anything with candy corn is a winner in my book.

Next up. . . the boy who just wanted to help make his birthday cake. He wanted a "harvest" theme to his so he could put candy pumpkins and candy corn on it. He decided on a garden with corn and pumpkins. Since gardens have dirt, graham cracker crumbs made an appearance. Note to self: when a cake is topped with graham cracker crumbs, it is nearly impossible to write on with frosting. Also note that graham cracker crumbs, while amazingly delicious, scatter like crazy when the birthday candles are blown out.

Super-easy apple cake
And last, while the new 2-year-old is perhaps the most difficult child to take care of (with diaper changes and an insistence on attempting to escape outdoors constantly), he is also the easiest to please when it comes to a cake. The cake was even easier because my sisters-in-law surprised us with a visit and helped me make it. Because I thought the apple cake would be really sweet by itself, I only smeared frosting on the top. Then I stuck a toy train on it. And because it seemed too plain, I quickly added some writing with frosting from the freezer.

Et voila! Birthday season is done.  Of course, next year, there will be 4 cakes to make in a month's time. 


  1. I showed this post to my husband and he wondered if the first one really was a cake pan because it is the same shape as a bike seat or a bedpan!
    What's the deal with all the birthdays at the same time? You really should plan that better. Oh, maybe you did since it's not a busy time of the church year!
    Great job, you do way more than I do for cakes for my boys. Plus I'm impressed that you shared them on your blog! The candy cake looks like it tastes the best but I like the Thomas cake the best. I'm sure my boys would pick the Star Wars cake for their favorite.
    Also,feel free to share my blog post with others.

    1. I will share the blog post when I get enough spare minutes to write another blog post :) It's important, I think.

      As for the cakes, I post them regardless of how they look. It's important for other mothers to realize (in our age of perfect food blogs and tv shows) that we don't have to be so perfect. Kids really are just as happy with less many times.