Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Things have been a blur, but I wanted to capture a few things for my blog.  I've finally written a few blog posts to catch up, but there were some leftovers I didn't want to forget.

Fairy house

My daughter has spent a good amount of time arranging sticks and rocks and flowers and such on the back porch to make a fairy house. She was inspired by a library book.

Truly dead now

The children had a blast tearing apart the old washing machine and learned that washing machines might just have a little water left in them.

Rough, but good

We've been wanting to start butchering. My aunt and uncle kindly passed along my grandfather's butchering kettle, but we needed a second for what we want to do. My husband found these two this fall at an auction for a good price. The last things we need now are stands for the kettles. 

Muddy Creek Falls @ Swallow Falls State Park

Last Sunday we had an interesting trip to Garrett County. By interesting I mean that we were able to see these pretty falls AND clean up vomit four times since our 2-year-old recently took up the fun hobby of "motion sickness."


I am not a sci-fi fan, but my husband has passed on his love of the genre (in general) and of Dr. Who (specifically) to the children. Here, one son payed homage to the Doctor on our school's white board.


  1. Omg! My 13 year old daughter loves Dr. Who! The older ones are her favorites.

    1. My children who like it (so far) range from age 6-11 (my oldest). I must admit that I am either too scared by the weird music or not smart enough to follow it.

      My husband likes the older ones better, too.