Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Aged

It seems this year we've seen a lot of change. I didn't have a difficult time (emotionally) giving up the old broken washing machine. I didn't sniffle at all when we moved the carseats to the new van. But there was a bit of inner struggle when we packaged up this old thing.

Thanks for the memories. And cookies.

This was a gift to me from my grandmother, my Oma. Oma, who taught me how to use it and how to make bread and who knows what else. This trusty old mixer still works, but our family has outgrown it. I've packed it in its box to await a time when it may be needed again-- by myself or one of the next generation. 

It was replaced by a newer, larger model. It even has the whisk attachment (I broke my last one early on in our marriage).

Hello, new friend with the different shaped dough hook!

This sleek machine came as an early birthday present for me. For quite a while we'd been planning on getting it with our accumulated credit card points, but sneaky husband ordered it on the sly. I was surprised when the delivery man carried the box up our walkway.

I deliberated for a few days about what should be the first thing made with it, mostly because I didn't have a spare minute to bake anything. But then on Sunday I finally settled on what I've been wanting for four years to try to make; I had the pumpkin, I had the cream cheese--

Pumpkin Roll!

It turned out quite well despite all my fears.

Next up, a cake. I'd been saving this recipe for quite some time, too. I finally decided my "Lordy, Lordy" birthday would be just the right occasion. This, my friends, was worth the wait-- a pecan pie cake.

Yes, each layer is pecan-encrusted and brushed with a maple-molasses syrup. 

Somebody call the fire department, quick!

All 40 ablaze.

So the new mixer is doing a great job, and it'll be further tested tomorrow with dough for rolls and pecan bars for Thanksgiving Day. The old mixer is safely packed away. I'm just thankful nobody's decided to trade me in for a newer model.

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  1. I love reading your posts Jody. You are very witty. Looks like we both bit the 40 year mark this year! But...Yours came in with a new Kitchenaid and for me, the old Bosch broke... Your desserts look delicious :)

    1. Well, I'm just thankful we could use our credit card points for the new one. It is so much easier to make a larger batch of bread with the new one. I hope you are able to replace your mixer to your liking.