Friday, November 6, 2015

Something new, something old

This week we said hello to the new. New carpet, that is. It looks nice with the new paint from a week or so ago.

The color is Warmed Cider. It looks nice with the Pumpkin Pie Spice in the hallway.

Of course, the whole room and closet was torn apart.  We made some hard choices before returning things to the closet. Surprisingly, what follows was not a difficult choice for me.

Mushy pillow was made by my Oma for me when I was about 3 or so. I think. It's hard for me to remember. It was my security thing. No blanket. Just a plain pillow.

Mushy pillow didn't start out that way. It was a normal home-made pillow. After lots of huggin' and squeezin' and cryin', it became Mushy. I slept with it until I got married. And maybe after for a bit.

At some point after we moved here, I was able to put Mushy up on the top shelf of my closet, but only because whenever it was moved it left a trail of pillow dust. I just wasn't ready to give it up.

Yesterday I was. I tossed it into the trash without a blink of the eye. No tears.

Lucky for you, I did take pictures.  Over the years, I had to add more pillow cases so that Mushy didn't leak out everywhere. So, here is Mushy, unwrapped.

Layer 1:  A yellow t-shirt pillowcase, circa 1999-ish

Layer 2:  Striped pillowcase from extra-long twin set bought for college, circa 1994. If you look closely, you might notice some of Mushy's dusty yellow innards leaking out.

Layer 3:  Some plain white thing I don't remember, circa ?

Layer 4:  Sesame Street pillowcase from my earliest childhood memories, completely faded and threadbare.

Layer 5:  A wicked-cool crazy green case that went with the sheets on my older sisters' beds when I was little.

The core: Here it is, bare-naked Mushy with some innards dusting the front walkway.

A closer look:  Notice the pretty fabric Oma picked out for me.

The fabric on Mushy said, "There's a rainbow in every raindrop."  Funny, but that is pretty much how I look at life.