Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Despite strange and warm "winter" weather, we are enjoying our holidays. How strange is the weather? Well, we've had to turn on the air conditioning and/or opened doors and windows during Christmas festivities. Instead of being cooped up inside, the children have been playing outside, often discarding the coats I make them wear because it seems wrong to let them out in short sleeves in December.

And then there was this:

Nice bowl of lettuce!

The children cut a large amount of lettuce outside yesterday and a bunch of parsley. While I'm not complaining about the harvest, it is more than odd.

As for the resolutions, I do have one this year. Mom made me aware this week of the slumping habit I've acquired, so this year I resolve to improve my posture. It will require no extra time or money, so I think I can accomplish it.

Do you have a resolution?

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