Monday, January 25, 2016

Pictures of a Snowy Day

Saturday was a different sort of day. Between 25 and 29 inches of snow will do that. Measurements vary by measurer. What kind of homeschool are we running here?  Any which way, that's the most snow we've had since we've lived here.

This measurement was in the morning, several hours before it stopped snowing.

That much snow makes taking care of animals interesting. I've never quite had such a workout just getting to the guinea coop. And Calvin reminded me of some crazy sea creature with his leapings through the snow. He had so much fun.

Watch out, Mom! Here I come!

I'm not so sure the cats liked the snow, but they stayed cozy on the front porch.

Hey, Mom, can you put in a wood stove?

The toddler did NOT like having cold fingers.

What is this stuff?

The vehicles were playing hide-and-seek.

The Suburban was nearly covered when all was said and done.

Of course, the kids had a blast playing in the snow even if it wasn't packing or sledding snow. Basically they tried to shovel snow or walk through it. This little girl basically just sat in one spot the whole time eating snow.

She's so intent on eating snow she won't even acknowledge Mommy's plea to face the camera.

I used the time the children and my husband were out in the snow to strap the baby in a carrier and take a few pictures from the comfort of my warm home.

Mr. Cardinal was pretty but shy. He flew away as soon as a opened the door.

Mr. Titmouse tolerated my camera a little better.

I had time to mix up a pot of frothy hot cocoa.

And take a really bad picture of some good cookies.

Before coming in for hot cocoa and cookies, the girl finally acknowledged me.

Hi, Mom. I'm busy eating snow.

And yesterday had the same cozy feel, but now that somebody came to plow us out last night, it's time the hard work of shoveling out in earnest begins. The kids will play in snow today; it looks like the snow might have enough of a crust to be good for sledding. I'll probably stay cozy inside with the baby and get some work done for my homeschool review later this week. I'm almost done!


  1. We get snow so rarely here that when we do get more than an inch and it hasn't melted by noon, we cancel homeschool for the day and play outside.

    1. I must admit that I only had each child do one subject today. I called the rest of the day "Physical Education." :) I think tomorrow will also have a healthy dose of phys. ed.

  2. We are in the same snow boat that you're in. We didn't take official measurements, but I'm sure we were in the 25-30 inches range, too. Enjoy the snow days!

    1. I really enjoyed today more than I thought I would because I found out that the homeschool reviews were called off for this week. While I would have been prepared, it just wasn't fitting in well with the snow and other happenings that dropped into our schedule this week.

    2. Best wishes on your review!!! I had mine a couple of weeks ago, which was hard to do after Christmas break.