Tuesday, April 25, 2017

An Addiction?

Last week we went to one of our favorite book sales at Booksavers. We bought books for 40¢ a pound.

This kind of sale is dangerous for us because it is mostly books discarded from school libraries, and we are a family of book lovers. And there are simply piles and piles and boxes full of good books!

We ended up with 129 books. We figured out that each book cost us about 54¢, and I had no buyer's remorse, not even when I realized we had a few duplicates of ones at home.

Piled up on the table to sort and count

The boys rejoiced! A new book to memorize and quote at will!

We added to the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys collection.

There were just too many good finds to highlight. We are now only one book short in a Time-Life Civil War series, but we do have several duplicates that need a new home.

Now, if we could just find a sale this good for bookshelves.

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