Tuesday, April 4, 2017

On Pop-Tarts and Butter

Our family has failed to reach consensus on the proper way to eat a Pop-Tart. All of us agree that it is best to lightly toast them and to spread butter on the un-frosted bottom to melt. However, some maintain that one should bite into the tart with butter side down, and others insist the buttered side should face the roof of the mouth.

I'm definitely in the ranks of buttered-side down. But, then again, I prefer the Pop-Tarts that have no frosting. 

In other news, I've had more time lately to ponder important questions like whether or not one should eat Pop-Tarts buttered-side up or down.

I've had time to enjoy giant block castles-- watching their construction, not making them. This one utilized several different kinds of blocks and Thomas toys. Too be honest, what I enjoyed most was that my almost teenager was the one who built it; I'm so glad he still enjoys playing with something not dependent on electricity.


I've also had time to enjoy the bits of the outdoors brought in by my adoring fans. To be perfectly honest, the blooms pictured below were actually brought in as love offerings for Daddy because the girls were mad at me for some reason I now forget. I enjoyed them on my kitchen window sill just the same.

Pretty spring posies, a little wilted

Now that we had a chance to enjoy some snow, I'm enjoying our spring. Even the dreary and rainy days have been delightful inside. When things aren't so cheery around here, when they are crazy and chaotic, I want to remember these times.


  1. Interesting. We have never buttered a Pop-Tart. Never even thought about it. We always eat them just toasted or right out of the package. I have to say I am intrigued and am definitely going to try it next time we buy some though.

    1. When I was a little girl, I had an elderly baby-sitter. She did things a certain way. On the occasional evening my parents couldn't pick me up until late, the snack was half a pop-tart, toasted, with butter on the back. To be honest, we don't have pop tarts often and they certainly aren't my sugar of choice, but they taste like I'm 4-years-old when I toast them and put (salted) butter on them. And that's how we eat them around here :)