Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sesame Street Book

My daughter wrote a Sesame Street book. I am proud of it, so I'm sharing it with you. All spellings and such are original.

a reding book
for little kids

a sesame street book

He is green. 
He likes mud, rocks, rotten apples, trash cans and shoes. 
Guess who he is
he is Oscar!

he is yellow.
he love bottle cap. 
he love pigeons. 
guess who he is
he is Bert.

he is orange. 
he loves rubber duckie.
Guess whe he is.
he is Ernie.

I'm blue.
I love you.
I'm cute, furry lovable Grover.

I'm blue. 
I'm furry.
I'm not cute or lovable. 
I'm just Herry.

Me is blue.
Me is furry.
Me love yummy cookies.
guess who me is.
me is Cookie.

I'm yellow.
I am tall.
I am a Bird.
I am Big Bird.


  1. That is brilliant. She should publish it, at least by making photocopies to give to (and read to) little friends. They would like it better than many of the uninspired children's books that are out there!

    1. She has already read it many times to her siblings and aunts and parents. And it is better than some children's books, but I'm biased. Thank you.

  2. Those drawings are so bright and full of character. I love her wording on the Cookie one :)

    1. I liked the one for Herry best. It made me feel sorry for him :(