Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Coop Addition

We've had a growing problem with our guinea coop. The original design had water dripping down on the walls, and the walls weren't the best building material. It resulted in rotting walls with holes.

Rotten old holes!

We decided to plan our coop renovation to coincide with a visit from my in-laws because my father-in-law is handy-dandy at building things. So the demolition and building commenced.

Look, Ma, no walls!

Legs and ladders

Framing almost done

Look at that nail!

You might wonder what's so special about that nail. Well, when I went outside once to check on progress, my son had to show it to me because he hammered in THAT nail. That's why it's a special nail.

Just about done

So, after lots of nails and ladders (and boys feeling big on ladders), the coop is bigger and better. It isn't yet complete. It needs to be painted, and my husband wants to fix the roosts on the inside. But now it has a shiny, new roof and more ventilation. 

It can be our retirement home one day!

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