Monday, June 26, 2017

Kid Jokes-- Gotta Love 'Em

When you have little kids and they hear other people tell jokes, it naturally follows that, although they don't usually understand the jokes, they want to tell their own to make people laugh. We get a lot of that going on around here.

Sometimes I fake a laugh for their benefit. Other times I laugh hysterically for real just because they are so absurd. It's either that or cry. And after about twenty gazillion non-jokes told by several preschoolers at once, crying is an option.

So here is one the 3-year-old told in the van last week:

What did the tomato say to the deer?


And not to be outdone, the 5-year-old followed up with this good one:

What did the triangle say to the dot?

Better stay on the dotted line!


I laughed hysterically. I may have banned all joking from the van after the next 17 jokes were told, but I laughed.

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