Monday, January 16, 2017

Muffin Pan Update

It might seem I'm a little obsessed with my muffin pan, but I received a second one for Christmas. If you haven't been privy to my previous posts about my amazing muffin pans and you want to see more muffin pan action shots, look here and here.

If you don't want to look at the other posts, here is a picture of my new USA muffin pan in action.

Even a 7-year-old can easily remove these muffins!

And look how clean!

The interesting and different thing about this muffin tumbling picture is that when my mother-in-law was here, she asked if we had to grease them. We always had greased them some, so she suggested a scientific experiment to see if they need greased. The next time muffins were on the menu, my daughter and I carried out the experiment, leaving one row in each muffin pan un-greased. And as you can see above, the results were identical-- clean muffin tins with no scrubbing necessary. Simply beautiful. 

Now. Another experiment. Same brand. Different pan. This time it was the lasagna pan's turn. I'd made lasagna one night and reheated it the next for supper. You can see the burnt mess.

Dimly lit, but still clearly burnt

I wondered if these remarkable pans could ace even this horrible mess. After using my plastic utensil (no metal on these silicon-coated pans!) to scrape gently, the pan looked like this:

Impressive results

Then the pan went into the dish water, and after a quick swipe with a dish rag, the results made me happy.

Nice and clean (but still dimly lit) pan

So, in summary, these USA pans are awesome. They are a little more expensive, but if you don't like things to stick and you don't like to scrub pans, they are worth it. Also, unless somebody shows me something otherwise, I'll continue thinking they are not so chemically bad for the body as other non-sticks. And, remember, because I have an audience of, on average, 10 people, nobody's paying me to say it.


  1. I use an enamelware pan for my lasagna. Nothing sticks and cleans up easily just like your pan. Have never seen an enamelware muffin tin though and if I did I would buy it. Love my enamelware!

    1. If enamelware and graniteware are the same, I've seen muffin tins. . . you should check online if you want one.

  2. I didn't know this type of silicone-coated pan existed. I was given some all-silicone bakeware once and it is not very good - it burns things! Thanks for sharing your experiments and impressive results.

    1. Yes, I had a few of the all-silicone ones, and I hated them. They are now in the yard sale pile.