Friday, December 5, 2014

Lunch Talk

Maybe it's the approaching holidays. Maybe it's the fact that we are going to a concert. Maybe it's because the kids ate cake with frosting yesterday and they had the excitement of Daddy's deer hunting adventure.

Whatever it is, they were something else at the lunch table today. Giggles and laughter, spills and general rowdiness prevailed.

One conversation, in particular, made me wonder if I should re-focus our studies just a wee bit.

In an attempt to clear up some confusion about the word "Celsius" and help them to realize there are different ways to measure the same thing, I asked the question, "We can measure the length of things in either inches or. . .?"

"Asteroids!" pipes up my 7-year-old.

Why, yes, that was exactly the answer I was looking for.


  1. That's so adorable! But maybe not the right scale!

  2. Yes, my husband were trying to come up with something we could measure in asteroids :)

    It was one of those moments when you just had to laugh, but didn't want to laugh too much because then the child would think we were making fun of him.