Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Well, we've had snakes (a copperhead, even!) and lizards on our front porch this spring/summer. I'm not terribly fond of them. And then my son saw this in the corner of our front door frame. It might be hard to see, but it is indeed a black widow spider. I'd thought they only liked dark places, but, no, this one made her home on our south-facing porch.

Yucky old poisonous thing!

And speaking of things that probably aren't the healthiest for you. . .

I have had an insane craving during this pregnancy for instant mashed potatoes. We NEVER make instant mashed potatoes, but a few weeks ago at Sam's Club, I gave in and bought a monster-sized box of them.

Appetizing, no?

But what to serve with instant mashed potatoes when everything you have is frozen and the oven is broken? Hmmmmm. . . 

How about something else that might be served in a cafeteria?

Greasy (but quite tasty) hamburger gravy

At least it was made with grass-fed beef and homemade bone broth, right? Right?!

Plain Jane green beans

This was definitely not my finest fancy dinner, but you wouldn't believe how the kids gobbled it up. And it completely satisfied my pregnancy craving. Well, I still want more mashed potatoes, but the box isn't empty yet.

What was your strangest pregnancy craving?


  1. Ha ha! With this latest pregnancy I HAD to have a bologna sandwich! I hadn't had one of those in years but there it was, the NEED. I bought a huge pack and my husband was truly grossed out but I gobbled that stuff up and so did my kiddos!
    Pregnancy is crazy. :)

    1. That's a totally okay craving. . . just so long as you put Doritos on the sandwich. That's what makes a bologna sandwich really good.

  2. And one more thing. Poison...and one more reason I'm so glad to live in NE where we don't have those horrid killer vermin! Just the horrid harmless kind.

    1. Well, you might not have such things. . . but do you have hills? I love my hills.

      You know, Nebraska is one state I've never been visited. I think there are around 7 I've missed, and Nebraska and Kansas and Oklahoma are 3 of them.