Friday, June 12, 2015

Things I Love About My Kids-- Part I

When we began the adventure in homeschooling, I envisioned my children being quite refined, playing chess, listening to classical music, and reading only amazing literature classics-- picture-perfect kids.

Well, we all know about the ideal and reality.

One thing I love about my boys is their taste in music. Our children aren't really exposed to what's "cool" with other kids their age. They don't know a whole lot about boy bands or celebrities and such. In this environment, they've been able to develop their own likes and tastes in music--at least within the limits of what Mom and Dad have on the iPod.

One 9-year-old son has lately taken a liking to Styx: Greatest Hits. I know there's nothing really remarkable about that, but I do appreciate listening to it myself.

My daughters, on the other hand, still want to listen to the Frozen soundtrack over and over and over.

But I do think the Styx thing is cool.


  1. Way cooler than the John Denver my son is into right now. He loves hearing the line "mountain mama", cracks him up every time.

    1. What with the fact that I'm from West Virginia and can see those WV mountains from my front porch, I'm not sure I can agree with you. That song makes me cry, mostly because I'm pretty sure I'll never live in my "home" again (Did you know, there's only like 3 or 4 LCMS churches there?).
      My mother's CB handle was "Mountain Mama" :)
      If your son really likes the song, here's a book he might like. I love the illustrations.

  2. We listened to The Lion King, Tim Noah, The Moody Blues and the Halloween CD Monster Hits with things like The Monster Mash, Flying Purple People Eater, etc. going back and forth to Montana for quite a few years!

    1. Wow wow wibble wobble! I must find me some Tim Noah for my kids! Thanks for the reminder.