Monday, June 13, 2016


My aunt and uncle recently sent our children gifts from their trip to China-- little magnetic panda bears!  They've been hanging around everywhere.

Who would have thought they'd hang on the arch to the living room?

Climbing the coat tree. . . 

Hanging out on the fridge. . . 

Chilling' on the couch. . .

All of my kids have had so much fun with these pandas!  You never know where you're going to spot one, but when they surprise you, you just have to smile. 

So if you ever see any little magnet things like this (certainly they make other animals, too), they do make a good souvenir for kids. Good job, Auntie!


  1. So glad they are so well liked! Thought about your kids often as we toured the Panda Breeding facility. Wish I could have brought all of them!

    1. I really want to get them to the National Zoo to see them soon. William likes them so much.