Thursday, September 10, 2015

Snack Challenge

While we were on vacation, our children begged my husband and me to do a snack challenge. Based on those Food Network shows, my husband and I had 20 minutes to prepare a snack for our children using the secret ingredient of German chocolate.

We were making a mess all over my parents' kitchen while the kids provided the appropriate commentary. We had a blast. Until one son had a fit that Dad didn't win the snack challenge (and to be honest, he deserved it).

When we returned home, the kids were begging us to let them do snack challenge. Well, we parents had some serious reservations, but I capitulated so long as they worked in two teams and so long as we didn't pick a winner or loser because I knew that would be bad news.

The secret ingredient was oats, and this is what the kids came up with:

Can you guess what this first one was?

Googly-eyed sweet-toothed monster

My husband and I decided this tribute to Cookie Monster had top marks in creativity and presentation. It's downfall?  Well, let's just say the blue stuff tasted like a paste made of oats, blue food coloring and milk.

The second one was a maple-flavored oatmeal topped with whipped cream and streusel topping. Unfortunately, that team put the homemade maple whipped cream on the hot oats way too long before the streusel topping was ready. It basically looked soupy. Presentation points were low.

However, the flavor was really quite delicious.

Messy looking, but delicious

In the end, there were still tears on the part of the Cookie Monster team because nobody was really gobbling up the blue goo, but aside from the tears and total kitchen mess, it was lots of fun.

And we didn't waste the blue goo. After clean-up, I played my own game-- Mom's Makeover. The blue goo was transformed into a blue baked oatmeal of sorts. The outcome? Well, it was no masterpiece, but it was edible and eaten all gone.

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