Sunday, February 7, 2016

Superbowl Wrap-Up

Football is followed in this household, and the Superbowl is a much-awaited event. Other than some sickness among us, the game was enjoyed. I jotted down a few comments plus our favorite commercials.

First, our children are not up on popular culture, so they had no clue who the pre-game/halftime performers were. They also are not real tuned-in to concerts and such. Here are the comments:

"She's kind of sparkly." (of Lady Gaga, by the 6-year-old girl)

"It's like a whole bunch of zombies wants to eat them." (of the fans gathered about the stage at half-time, by the 10-year-old boy)

"This is so stupid." (of the half-time show, in general, by multiple boys)

"I don't see why they think that's so cool because I can't understand a word they're singing." (of half-time show again, by 8-year-old boy)

And now, for our favorite commercials, in no particular order:

*Hyundai commercials--the dad and date one and the bear one

*Doritos--the baby/ultrasound and the dogs/grocery store ones

*Prius 4- the first one, with the bank robbery (the cop car Prius commercial was not liked)

*Subaru--with golden retrievers driving puppy to sleep (because we have a cute golden)

Calvin in the clover.

*Honda Ridgeline-- sheep singing Queen

I'm not sure which was my favorite, but let's just say that if we should be so blessed to have another child, my husband will be required to at least try the Doritos trick.

I would also like to share with you one of my favorites which many of you probably didn't see as it was a local one. You can watch it here; it is for a place that sells gas fireplaces. It is a worthy commercial.

And the Most Disturbing Award goes to. . . the puppy-monkey-baby commercial. I don't even remember what it was selling.

***There were a few commercials that some liked and some didn't. I call them runners-up, but I am way too tired (and also one of the sick ones) to spend any more time typing them. Just wanted to let you know there was some disagreement amongst us judges.


  1. Yeah, we tuned into the Super Bowl just a tad bit late, with the intentions of fast forwarding through the halftime show. But, by the time it came on, the kids had had enough football and went on to bed. My husband told me about the dog driving his puppy to sleep commercial. Too cute!

    1. My girls went to bed late for them, but still well before the end of the game. Wild horses would have to drag the boys to bed early because they wanted so badly to see if Mr. Manning won.